trail of light

Trails of light made by the fireworks create some interesting images and patterns. I liked the faint red white and blue color.

4th of july

Needed some Red White and Blue, the giant flag at 6th Ave and I-25 provided the color. Hope everyone had a good 4th.

show at tri-lakes

The show at the Tri-Lakes Art Center will be up for viewing July 2 until August 23, 2019. The Center is located at 305 Hwy 105 in the town of Palmer Lake, CO. A reception will be held Friday July 12 from 6 pm until 8 pm. There is a section “For the Love of Andi” honoring my friend Andi Sahlen’s photography. She was my photo buddy. We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens many times to take pictures of the flowers. She will be missed.

zoo bird

In memory of my friend Andi who was my photo buddy, we went to the zoo once and the Denver Botanic Gardens many times for flower pictures! This bird’s top knot reminds me of a flower at the gardens I have taken pictures of – many times! Remembering!

different kind of circle

Just for fun, I was playing around with “tiny planet” distortions – they also make a circle! On the way home from the mountains, I, as passenger, take photos. There is one place on 6th Ave just before you turn into I-25 where there is a good view of the Denver skyline. The result is the mail box building and others made circular!

bug wing

Always liked the patterns on a bugs wing-thus todays selection. Up in the mountains there weren’t many bugs yet, but still lots of snow high up.

Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth Mandala- now that we have had one of the coolest Springs and snow last week, maybe we can get on with summer. It is after Memorial Day now, pools have opened, I just expect it to warm up (I Hope). Grape Hyacinths are one of my harbingers of Spring often being buried in the snow themselves. No more snow PLEASE!


I have one amaryllis bulb that blooms once a year. It outdid itself this year sending up 2 bloom stalks. This image had fine detail of the green elements beside the broad strokes of the red and white that make up most of the flower. As a side note the official snow total for Aurora’s last storm was 4 inches – my measurement came from stepping into the backyard with a ruler.

may snow!

After Mother’s Day it’s supposed to be OK to put tender plants out with the expectation that it will no longer freeze. It was 32 last night with SNOW. Forgot to take down the umbrellas so one is broken, another bent under 8 inches of wet heavy snow. Oh well, this to shall pass.