blowing in the wind

Blown away with the wind – the milkweed seeds; actually had a monarch stop by my small growth of milkweed when they were blooming, it was beautiful! We had a huge cold front blow in last night. It finally started snowing this morning; the cold is supposed to remain around for 3 days. No more summer! Did get all the houseplants safely stored inside out of harm’s way.


Was going thru a box of old pictures and thought I could post an old mandala that I really liked. Original picture was of shadows on a short stairway taken one time when we were down in Sedona, AZ. Making it into a kaleidoscope was just the ticket to make this image pop. Someone at an auction bought the original last year, so the pattern must have appealed to at least one other person. Hard to believe it is already October.

patterns in green

‘Patterns of grass’
Another mandala inspired by a plant (not really grass) from Rob Proctor’s garden tour on August 25th.

flower fireworks

I love flowers, their color, their various shapes. This one reminded me of fireworks. We made it to September with some heat, fortunately, it’s cooling off this week in Colorado.

striped cana

Strips get me every time and the touch of an out of focus pink flower just added to the mandala. From a fun garden tour fund raiser. Enjoy!


The Nicotiana flower is from the tobacco plant. I bought this one when I was taking a class on fragrant plants this spring. This big plant smells wonderful – the sent has been bred out of the smaller versions! The long tubular flowers made interesting patterns.


Not a flower, but long line of train cars on side of the road. Liked the pattern that formed. Was on my way to Palmer Lake for art show when I saw this, train cars, ground, sky and a telephone pole!


It’s a little hard to ‘read’ as a columbine. The shape reminds me of a fancy butterfly, I just need to draw in some antenna and eyes.


Here’s hoping for clouds this afternoon to cool off a very warm day! Love clouds and taking pictures of them – there are never 2 alike.