bright colors

Back to Circles; this one a potato vine and red geranium – it’s time for planting out of the annuals! We had hail yesterday which didn’t help the broad leaves of the potato vine or the rhubarb but new leaves will grow. The rest of the garden got a pruning, but survived. Deep breath!

curling petals

I liked the curling petals and the colors of this daisy.

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orchid buds

Another cross shape, this time orchid buds arching to the center.


Daffodils always remind me of Spring! liked the way this mandala formed a square with the elements of the flower. We are having a windy April here in Colorado, it’s blowing outside my window right now.

spring snow storm

We continue to have Spring snows in Colorado – the good thing is they melt fast! The last one flocked the trees with white and made this Celtic Cross look like lace in the middle – and the blue sky was really that blue!

colorful sunrise

I enjoyed the soft pastel colors in this picture and the geese flying. They really were in a ‘V’ formation as they went by, the kaleidoscope program made it into a tighter ‘V’.

delicate butterfly cross

A different butterfly in the cross shape. Spring is officially here! am now patiently waiting for things to green up and start blooming!