butterfly parts

There was a collection of mounted butterflies in a case at the Butterfly Pavilion, to include a Blue Morpho and the edges of a swallow tail. Because there are spaces between the specimens there are spaces in the cross shape that do not have butterfly parts as well. Thought I’d try this as an experiment.

the eyes have it

Always liked the “fake” eyes on butterfly wings, it distracts the butterfly’s prey and it makes for an interesting pattern in a mandala.

black and white butterfly

When I made this mandala, I just said yes! It pops, the purple adds a touch of color. Went on a photo shoot at the Butterfly Pavilion a couple years ago, love the color of their wings! Just a fun experience if you have a similar place near you – go!

Monarch butterfly

Went to the Butterfly Pavilion several years ago and thought I’d revisit what I saw in mandala form. Here’s monarch wings

butterfly wings

Butterflies are movement in the garden – beautiful, colorful movement. I enjoy having them in the garden. The speckles in the middle are reflected by the speckles on the edges of the wings in this mandala.

daylily heart

I liked the simplicity of this mandala with a slight tinge of pink. Looks like I’ve posted this before – it got an honorable mention last night at photo club.

orchid cross

Several spikes of a white and purple orchid come together with their buds in the center of this Celtic cross. Went to the Botanic Gardens to see the orchids and this was a very prolific one, multiplied. Enjoy!

original photo

The mandala of this flower was a might busy, so thought I’d post the original photo.