more words

Saw these words on a T-shirt and liked them. My garden is my salvation in these times of staying home. The pumpkin and squash I planted are putting up their first leaves.

garden debris

>Part of Spring in the garden is cleaning up debris from the last year. These are dried grasses.

new leaves, new dinner menu

I watched this tree for a month, waiting for leaves to come out. The squirrel was watching too, nice new growth to feast on!

cloud snowflake

another blue and white mandala, but this one is clouds and blue sky – the last one was snow and grape hyacinths! It’s supposed to get to 70 today.

a warmer week ahead

Grape hyacinth in the snow, when it got down to 12 degrees I thought I had lost them but they are back standing up and looking fine now. We have 2 weeks of warmer weather and no freezes, however, this is Colorado, we usually don’t plant anything tender out until after May 10th!

dragon cloud

Have been cloud watching lately. Saw a dragon cloud on edge of this mandala. There is plenty of time to cloud watch but not today as there is a freezing rain at the moment. It has been nice to get out in the yard and watch spring come to my backyard! Small pleasures in our lock down life.

different kind of tree

Took a glass etching (sand blasting) class years ago, thought I’d make the tree into a Mandala. I like the bluish color and the sort of ‘sand dollar’ appearance in the middle.