may flower moon

y had a flower moon that became red with the eclipse. I took it’s picture a couple of days later and added a quote!

flower snowflake

Flowers come in so many colors and shapes, there are endless combinations. Enjoy!


It is March! warming temps and snow that melts fast! My photo club is having a competition for a photo with mostly red. I seemed to find more Green pictures, so my opposite image is a Green Banana leaf Mandala. Just for Fun.

beet star

Every so often I play around with produce. it’s fun to see the shapes produced.


we got about 10 inches of snow it’s light and fluffy but still clung to the trees. Mandala is flocked tree snowflake! Got some moisture with this storm!

more amaryllis

another Amaryllis shot same plant picther from above. I liked the braided effect in the circle of stems. Think you see the negative space first. Feburary is already half gone. Got my ist of 2 covid shots, 3 cheers!

white amaryllis

had a beautiful amaryllis open on 2 stalks, turned it into a mandala – had a fire background courtesy of a friend.