dried leaf

Liked the texture of this dried leaf and the star that formed in the middle. No red for Valentines Day, but celebrate anyway!

dead plants in the snow

Sometimes the simplest things make an interesting picture. The color of the dried vegetation popped against the white snow and the shadows gave more interest to this mandala.

more snow

It’s cold and blustery out there today no blue sky and the snow is not accumulating on the branches because of the wind. So this Mandala is from earlier storm with blue skies coming and snow balanced on the branches.

snow balancing on branches


We finally got some measurable snow! We need the moisture and it is pretty to look at – just not to shovel.

snowy branches

thinking of spring

Thinking of Spring! Already have received about 6 seed catalogues, so even businesses are thinking of Spring! A wildflower from the mountains.

on winter solstice day

On winter solstice day – adding some light! From the Blossoms of Light show at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Blue in the dark is very intense and beautiful – it was all a wonderland to behold!

holiday greetings

Christmas just a week away and the year end coming too. Whew – where did the year go. We are having a dry winter again down here, the ski areas are doing OK. But you know it’s bad when you are watering in December! Colorful Bamboo from Denver Botanic Gardens.


An interesting plant, found it at the Denver Botanic Gardens this past summer. Hope to get down to see their Blossoms of light display before December is over.