I have one amaryllis bulb that blooms once a year. It outdid itself this year sending up 2 bloom stalks. This image had fine detail of the green elements beside the broad strokes of the red and white that make up most of the flower. As a side note the official snow total for Aurora’s last storm was 4 inches – my measurement came from stepping into the backyard with a ruler.

may snow!

After Mother’s Day it’s supposed to be OK to put tender plants out with the expectation that it will no longer freeze. It was 32 last night with SNOW. Forgot to take down the umbrellas so one is broken, another bent under 8 inches of wet heavy snow. Oh well, this to shall pass.

pussy willows

Pussy willows are a fun plant in the spring, with their soft fuzzy catkins. My grandson discovered them on a trip to the zoo, so I ordered a pair one for him and one for me!. The bare root plants came yesterday, so they are heeled in in pots for the moment. the pussy willow and tulip in the mandala were at the Denver Botanic Gardens in an arrangement at the front door the beginning of May.

may the 4th be with you

We had beautiful weather over the weekend. Some of the crystal blue ski seen in this mandala and sat out in the sunshine this morning. Will have to content myself with the memory of sunshine for the next couple of days as the clouds have moved in.

look twice

This is sort of my April Fools joke at the end of the month. If you look quickly it looks like a full faced person with triangular glasses. but in reality it is a mirror image of a laughing frog. Just for fun!

rat tail cactus

The patterns made by the rat tail cactus strands is interesting. Always inspired by the way natural patterns come together.

cloud flower

On the way to see a friend there was a neat cloud in the sky. This mandala reminds me of a columbine with it’s 5 parts and long spurs. A strange image on the 20 anniversary of the school shooting. So sad.

white forsythia

The opening of my white forsythia was delayed by the latest snow. They will open next week with the warming temperatures.