It’s almost mid October and still have pumpkins growing. the curling tendrils fascinate me, Enjoy!


I have collected feathers all summer, big one is red tailed hawk, flicker, owl, magpie, and others. it’s fun just to find them on the ground – a gift of nature.

red yellow orange

Aspen are not the only colorful plant My Engelmann Ivy turns wonderful colors too.

kiss me over the garden gate

The real name of this plant is Kiss me over the garden gate, it reseeds itself from year to year so I have them popping up in various places. I just love the mane


Clouds are much better than smoke!

going to seed

We are still going to have 90s this weekend but cooler weather is coming! Things are going to seed, nature herself saying get ready!

and the tomatoes

Had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes they are a nice bright red and give a little burst of flavor!

another mandala of morning glory and corn

Had fun playing around with the corn and morning glory pictures. You have to be out early to see the morning glories open – heat of the day shrivels them up. There are good shadows in the morning, too.

corn tasseling with a morning glory

You are getting the origin photo and the mandala at the same time. Don’t know if I have any corn yet but the morning glories have been climbing all over it. If I get out early enough the morning glories are beautiful.

rain lily

Received Rain Lily bulbs a couple years ago – then I figured out they were not hardy in Colorado, I just stuck them in random pots. They seem to have come of age this year and are blooming all over in various pots. It is fun to get a bloom where you weren’t expecting one! The ones in the picture were a bunch of 5 plus flowers that opened all at once!