aspen mandala

Just because had shown the aspen branch turning, now the trees.


The curves on the edge of the Swallow Tail Butterfly make interesting patterns – it wasn’t until I looked at the whole circle that I saw the heart shapes toward the center. One never knows.


Dahlia flowers are big and showy but still very pretty. They naturally form a big circle but I still like to play around with them to see whit kind of patterns form in the middle of the image


Our necessary bees – this one from the Botanic Gardens. Their star this weekend is the corpse flower “Stinky” that bloomed Sept 1st. It is not pollinated by bees.


Artichoke flowers are this brilliant blue purple. here are layers of color.

prickly pear

I liked the random lines created by the spines of this Prickly Pear cactus down at the Botanic Gardens. I’m always surprised to see cactus bloom the flower is so delicate but the plant is so hardy and practical.

California Poppy

Feels like summer is winding down, school begins today for most and Labor Day is only 3 weeks away. Nights are cooler, too.

globe thistle

Globe Thistle is a curious plant and very blue. It is just an interesting shape. Speaking of blue we actually have some blue sky today, yesterday the sky was full of smoke from the fires in California.

rose bud

Rose bud from the Denver Botanic Gardens. DBG is having a Japanese Beetle infestation, on a recent visit there was a volunteer going around hand picking the beetles off the roses. I found an old bug book copyright 1956 that indicated the Japanese Beetle was only located on the east coast- not anymore!