painted ladies

Painted Lady butterflies are migrating through Denver area mid September. I have seen a lot of them about on my flowers. They are in the previous mandala and this cross.

butterfly in black and white

The photo club I belong to has competitions in color and black and white, so this is butterfly in black and white. Some pictures lend themselves to this others not so much.


Patterns, Patterns, patterns – the scalloped edges of the butterfly wings were wonderful repeated patterns.


All the water lilies and lotus are beautiful plants, here a pink lotus.

Victoria amazonia

The water lilies and lotus are out in a splendid display at the Denver Botanic Gardens Monet Pool. Even with cooler summer temperatures the Victoria Amazonia lily is blooming (they like it hot). It is the lily with giant lily pads – so the expanse of blank space in the mandala above is the surface of one big lily pad. A bloom and a bud are shown with reflection in the water. Victoria Amazonia lilies are night bloomers, so it probably opened the night before. Other lilies open in the daytime and close at night.

Water lily

The water lilies are in their prime. Beautiful of course. I liked the sparkles of light at the edge of the lily pad.

date palm

These growths are from the date trees at the Denver Botanic Gardens. They really are orange and red. It’s a bit busy, more than I usually like but still an interesting overall pattern.

globe thistle

Sometimes negative space is OK in the middles of the picture – it bothered me at first but them grew on me. Also they made the outline of a star shape. These are globe thistles that were next to a bright pink flower at the Denver Botanic Gardens.