and then comes Christmas

With a BANG we are in the heat of the holiday season. . .then 2019 will be over. it is the relentless march of time that causes me to pause this morning. Think my shopping is mostly done. it’s just the cleaning and putting up of Christmas that has blocked my progress. In the end time marches on whether we want it to or not, so might as well go with the flow. A Merry Christmas Mandala – Christmas Cactus and all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some Thanksgivings people are out playing golf over the Thanksgiving Holiday in Denver. Not this year, we have lots of snow still on the ground, an overcast sky and the threat of more snow tomorrow. Brrr Cold! Have a Good Day where ever you are!

a cookie mandala

A bit of early holiday baking turned into a circle! The tree makes an excellent “pie” piece for the kaleidoscope effect.

caldron lights

Caldron light from our Harry Potter Halloween Party, it’s tissue paper!

snow piles on the branches

We got 12 inches of snow at the end of October. It piled up on everything, to include the branches outside my window. When I took the picture there was no blue sky. Then I remembered my neighbor’s blue truck was parked beyond the branches, thus the blue color in the mandala!

before the snow

Before the snow yesterday, actually had a fall crocus blooming. However, we got 12 inches of snow and it’s bitter cold – so no more flowers! Now the long wait for spring, except for indoor flowers and decorations – there is always something to take a picture of.

gloriosa lily

Got a tuber for this plant in the spring – it grew lots and lots of vine and one flower. Only need one to take a picture and this in the mandala that resulted. Am overwintering the tuber and hope it will produce more flowers next year! This mandala is in a square-ish format that I liked (squares formed inside the circle). Enjoy!

blowing in the wind

Blown away with the wind – the milkweed seeds; actually had a monarch stop by my small growth of milkweed when they were blooming, it was beautiful! We had a huge cold front blow in last night. It finally started snowing this morning; the cold is supposed to remain around for 3 days. No more summer! Did get all the houseplants safely stored inside out of harm’s way.


Was going thru a box of old pictures and thought I could post an old mandala that I really liked. Original picture was of shadows on a short stairway taken one time when we were down in Sedona, AZ. Making it into a kaleidoscope was just the ticket to make this image pop. Someone at an auction bought the original last year, so the pattern must have appealed to at least one other person. Hard to believe it is already October.