Merry Christmas!

Well the tree is up – some ornaments and cookies made – now it’s time for the Christmas Letters! Celebrate the Season and Enjoy!

dance of the stamen

The last three mandala have stamen-that’s because they are at the heart of all flowers, also at the heart of the seed making goal of the flower – to provide for the next generation. Waxing philosophical here.

day lily from summer

I’m surprised sometimes going back over mandala for the year to find ones that jump out at me. This day lily was one, The Christmas tree is going up today!


Yikes – it’s December already and Christmas is 22 days away! I have a wreath on the door and that’s about it. Good thing there are still a few more days ahead. Image is the center of a hibiscus.

Buzzing by

Buzzing by to say – Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!

bleeding heart

I’ve been gathering photos of Service members in our family- many have served. Thank you!


Just like columbine flowers with their long spurs and many stamen, this one yellow.

back to flowers

Since the first killing frost has hit, the flowers are memories of summer past. This is a dahlia, first time I’ve had them bloom in my garden. I liked the flower and now need to protect the roots from freezing to see if I can get it to bloom again next year.