corn tasseling with a morning glory

You are getting the origin photo and the mandala at the same time. Don’t know if I have any corn yet but the morning glories have been climbing all over it. If I get out early enough the morning glories are beautiful.

rain lily

Received Rain Lily bulbs a couple years ago – then I figured out they were not hardy in Colorado, I just stuck them in random pots. They seem to have come of age this year and are blooming all over in various pots. It is fun to get a bloom where you weren’t expecting one! The ones in the picture were a bunch of 5 plus flowers that opened all at once!

morning glory stripes

My morning glories have started blooming, I have to look early as the sun destroys them in short order. I have pink, purple and one white one; the blue never materialized this year. Am glad for their return each summer. They are climbing any plant that is near them, like my pencil plant in this mandala, tomato cages and even the corn! Lines of the siding make the background.


Time for my flag mandala. My wish is for the unification of this country – “United we stand, divided we fall”. Stay safe in the continued fight to beat this corona virus

Cool Blue

From very green to a very blue background for curly grass. Think Cool Blue as we are officially in Summer now!

more words

Saw these words on a T-shirt and liked them. My garden is my salvation in these times of staying home. The pumpkin and squash I planted are putting up their first leaves.

garden debris

>Part of Spring in the garden is cleaning up debris from the last year. These are dried grasses.

new leaves, new dinner menu

I watched this tree for a month, waiting for leaves to come out. The squirrel was watching too, nice new growth to feast on!