waiting for spring

‘To op their trunks the trees are never seen. How then do they put on their coats of green? They leave them out, they leave them out!’ this is a song I learned long years ago and at the end a hand gesture of opening. Ready for Spring!

white cactus flower

A tiny white flower no bigger that a finger nail is blooming on a cactus in the sunroom. I’m just glad something is blooming!

dried weeds

Dried weeds are about all that is in the garden here at the end of winter. There are interesting subtle colors, all is not gray. A couple things are blooming inside, did get some seeds in the mail and we will have several days in a row above 60. 3 Cheers!!


Felt layered with beads, paper, plastic and glass. My felt flower made into another flower! Just because.

snow and more snow

It’s great for the skiers but hard on the folks who have to shovel the sidewalks! After a while the piles are too high to stack any more, fortunately in the Denver area it does melt a bit. But more is expected Monday night! This mandala is snowy branches with ornament like images forming between the bigger branches.

a dog tribute

A tribute to my dog friend Mollie, who passed away last year. I still miss her.

light blue tree

Thought I would add some more mandala from the Blossoms of Light display. The trees were beautiful all lit up. In this picture I tried to get the crescent moon, but image moved a bit.

It’s already mid January

A picture of the moon with enhanced colors from a display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Liked the colors.

blossoms of light

When I saw how the pie-pieces of the image fit together in this image from the Blossoms of Light display at DBG – it looked like there were candles on the ends of the star that formed in the middle. The curve beyond the center is the edge of Denver Botanic Gardens conservatory building barely lit up. It is always a magical time to wander through the lit up trees at the Gardens. Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for coming to look at my mandala.