rose bud

Rose bud from the Denver Botanic Gardens. DBG is having a Japanese Beetle infestation, on a recent visit there was a volunteer going around hand picking the beetles off the roses. I found an old bug book copyright 1956 that indicated the Japanese Beetle was only located on the east coast- not anymore!

daylily stamen

More flower stamen – these from a daylily. They dance around the edge of the image. I put my images on all kinds of things – mugs, puzzles, playing cards, etc. I took advantage of a free offer and will now have a shopping bag with this image.

bird of paradise flower

The bird of paradise flower has these beautiful long red stamen. A friend held up her blue purse to give me a background and ‘Atomic Flower’ is the result.

show in Palmer Lake, CO

We had our opening last night, two people sold work. Show will be up thru August 24th. Got a nice drive thru pasture land on the way down.

blue flax fourth

For about a month I was greeted with a bouquet of Flax Flowers right outside my back door, so had to take a picture of them. There is a little bit of red, white and a lot of blue in this mandala So thought it might be appropriate for the 4th of July posting. Enjoy the day!

daylily sun

I have always loved flowers. They are colorful and come in many, many shapes. I was out early one morning when I found this daylily opening. In it’s sunshine shape it is appropriate for all the sunshine we are going to get this week, already in the 90s.

honeysuckle words

Every so often I add words to my mandala. To the mantra in the honey suckle flowers I would add – Eat, Sleep, Garden and take pictures!

amaryllis heart

Back to flowers, had one amaryllis bloom this spring and the stamen is heart shaped, it was not manipulated. Liked the bright red colors too.

the display

This is one of the orchids I put out with the staghorn fern. After the blooms quit I un-potted it to find there were no viable roots, so we are hoping it will recover outside.

mini orchid

A mini orchid in front of a mini barn, with flowers in the middle. The image is a bit hard to read. I’ll post the original image tomorrow. I have most of my fairy gardens outside now. They enjoy the summer outdoors and I get to clean up the sunroom. Orchids don’t usually go outside, but I thought I’d experiment. I have a giant Staghorn Fern that has a cavity in it’s middle so I put two mini orchids in the cavity, including the one above, they seem to be doing well growing new roots. They are totally in the shade of a big pine tree. I’ll report back later.