This morning there was a beautiful mountain wave cloud. Thus a cloud mandala. Enjoy!

dragonfly glass

Glass art is beautiful and reflects the light. This is a pie piece of that plate. Liked the colors!

blue christmas

Tried my hand at making milkweed pod ornaments for Christmas. Turned out that rotated around in a mandala they make a nice star burst! So got two creative projects out of one. Hope we all have a good Holiday season! Stay Safe and Be Well!

kiss me over the garden gate

That is the name of this flower it forms on a tall stalk and could easily hang over a garden gate. Liked the shadows and the star in the middle!

leaf canopy

Most of the leaves have fallen but this was the view one day last summer. We are having weather in the 70s today, nice and pleasent!

last flower

Almost last flower blooming before the hard frost. Liked the blue color and the stamen sticking out. we have gotten down to 19 degrees and will be down to 9 degrees by Sunday, Brrr


Summer is winding down even thou we continue to be warmer than usual. Plants are turning brown and the milkweed seed flies.


It’s almost mid October and still have pumpkins growing. the curling tendrils fascinate me, Enjoy!


I have collected feathers all summer, big one is red tailed hawk, flicker, owl, magpie, and others. it’s fun just to find them on the ground – a gift of nature.

red yellow orange

Aspen are not the only colorful plant My Engelmann Ivy turns wonderful colors too.